2013-11.3: TMTV Nov 2013 Edition - Act IV

28 Nov 2013

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13:53 - MLW's pinnacle modern diesel locomotive, CPR 4744 (2013)

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CPR #4744 is a one-of-a-kind locomotive.  Built as an experiment by the Montreal Locomotive works, the locomotive became a test bed for a variety of new technologies until its retirement in the early 1990's.  In Act IV of the November 2013 edition of TrainMasters TV, host Ken Goslett takes us under the hood and tells us about the legacy of this 4,000-horsepower monster.


I really enjoyed this segment, it was a very thoughtful and thorough description of an interesting prototype. Even if this had been just a "plain jane" SD70 or SD40-2 I find this type of walk through very useful for both personal knowledge and prototype modeling practices. Please keep up the good work!

Very nice explains alot!

Having seen this locomotive last May I was intrigued at how advanced it was and continued to be for its time. Please keep these videos coming.

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Wow!  That was excellent!  More of this kind of stuff, PLEASE!

I just subscribed to Train Master TV, enjoyed this very much. I'm retired Navy and spent five years on an LST that had six Alco sixteen cylinder main engines. 

Awesome information in this video.