2013-11.1: Tim Warris' Bronx Terminal

10 Nov 2013

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13:03 - Nov 2013 Act 1 - Tim Warris' Bronx Terminal (2013)

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On this edition of TrainMasters TV, take a journey to coal country and get inspired ... climb aboard a 4000 horsepower monster diesel ... and be impressed with one man's track laying obsession! 

In Act I (this video): We look at the back story on Tim Warris' amazing Bronx Terminal.

In Act II: The Backshop Clinic on what's in your toolbox, and we visit Tom Patterson's HO Appalachian layout.

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Very nice! I await the next episode with bated breath. It makes me glad I signed up for 2 years!

Very well done interview. I have been using Fasttracks products and have enjoyed building with them.

Wow! What a great way to kick off TMTV. The production quality is top notch and the video playback is crisp and flawless. I too am glad I'm on board for 2 years. Great job to everyone at TMTV!

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Great production! I've seen Tim's model at the NMRA convention in Milwaukee and it does indeed inspire the reaction that Les expresses: Wow

Looking good! Can't wait for more content!



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I want some of those laser cut car storage boxes!

I was sorta late in signing up for this program and now have a great deal of watching to do in order to carchup. Pity poor, poor me. What a hell of a great experience. Every episode is revealing and informative and the interviewers are uniformly experienced, interesting, and sharing (not to mention all appear to be well spoken as well). Hurrah for TMTV.

Tim Warris is a mechanical magician as evidenced by this masterpiece. Because of his stupendous pet project and the meticulousness of his work, he has set a high standard to strive for and his Fastracks venture has now made it easier for the rest of us railway dreamers to achieve success