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Rob S:

I wanna play!  I'd open up my layout for video of an op session or other layout construction/ops content.

Toni R:

This looks SWEET!  I like the fact that it will feature the outstanding artists that make up this hobby alongside their artwork and give us a little more in depth look at what their work means to them.

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Bill Brillinger's picture

I can't wait to see the full catalog of content - Thanks for building TrainMasters TV!

Now this is the way to share information in our hobby!   Informative and inspiring...portable and on demand.  I've never been disappointed with any product from MRH and Joe Fugate so count me on board with TrainMasters for the next two years--and beyond.  

(Thank you for the introductory rate, too!)

Matt Borlandelli's picture

I've watched all the videos multiple times! Can't wait to see more. Great job!

I remember a few years ago a friend and I were railfanning Chicago and one of the many discussions trackside was about  how great it would be to have a TV show about trains and model railroading..........lo and behold it  has happened.   MRH has done it again !!!  This will help make it through the long Vermont winters.  Great job, good luck, looking forward to many good shows.



My first year charter subscription has just expired and I have just bought another 3 year subscription, I have really enjoyed the content!

I signed up for this back in august and promptly forgot to start viewing the material. But, once I started I can't seem to leave it alone,specialllynow that I'm aay from home. Great material. I sppecially like the fact that its not jus for the beginner. BILL.

How great it is to have a TV show exclusively about model trains that is portable and can be viewed at any time. I am amazed at the hight quality of production and content in every episode I've seen so far...so dazzled that I signed up for THREE YEARS! and at $2.99 a month for great stuff like this, it can't get any better than that! Thanks to Joe Fugate and his entire staff for filling a void in model railroading for us all to enjoy as we add to our model railroading skills. I'm looking forward to many years of MUCH improved model railroading thanks to TrainMasters.TV.

Canyon Creek Pete

Every so often a project comes along with a first rate idea combined with wonderful execution. TrainMasters is one of those projects, and I am pleased to back it by putting my money where my mouth is.  I subscribed early and often!

Keep the content coming. I may learn enough to be in front of your camera one day!


I signed up for one year just to see how it would work out. It is well produced and entertaining even to the fringe victims of our hobby. I can take the videos and show people what I intend to do and they no longer shake their heads and roll their eyes. They can actually see that the basement will become a model railroad. I think being able to show the videos to potential railroaders is something I never anticipated as a sales tactic. 

In the meantime, I love it. I did not appreciate at the time I signed up that I would have full access to the archived work. It's simply a great deal! I've really learned a lot.


Pete VanderLaan

I am just a six day member, and in comparrison to other video sites that offer techniques, how to's, demonstrations, footage of completed work or work being completed this site is top notch ..keep it coming, especially that Allagash railroad..great stuff all around..I will renew..

I have been enjoying the hobby for over forty years and watching Miles Hale explain the details of the NMRA track guage taught me some points I did not know. Thank you so much. My subscription to TMTV has been most beneficial right from the start. Keep up the great work.      R.J. Kearsley.