2019-07.4: Building an animated gate scene

28 Jul 2019

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17:46 - July 2019 Act IV - Building an animated gate scene (2019)

In this how-to episode, Luke Towan shows us how to build a cool servo-operated chain link fence gate that actually operates.


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Great addition to TMTV having Luke Towan. His modeling skills are superb and many folks have learned a lot from his techniques, including myself.

Tim Garland


Really enjoyed this one.

Yep and if folks like it, Luke's interested in doing more videos!

Yes, More Please.  I have admired Lukes talents for some time now.  You have a great warehouse of modeling knowledge in Luke.  Glad to see you are bringing him aboard.

Can’t get enough of Luke’s videos.

Great Video.....I am ready for more of Luke's tecniques

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just go on YouTube he has his own channel for free. Dude has skills 

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Don't take this the wrong way, but Luke is the Duke of scene making. This video might be one of the best "how to's" you guys have up to date, at least it was both instructive and entertaining. I'm suscribed to BCR/Luke on Youtube and have been for some time. I have gotten a lot from his channel and you bringing this to the attention of more modelers is a good idea.  So YES, more please.

John Huey - CEO and Janitor, Arizona Southern RR.


We agree, that's why we've courted Luke to do special projects specifically for TrainMasters TV as well. He has a free channel on YouTube, but we're working with him to bring extra special projects to TMTV as well.