2019-07.3: ESU/LokSound 5 Compatibility

21 Jul 2019

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21:15 - July 2019 Act III - ESU/LokSound 5 Compatibility (2019)

Whenever a DCC manufacturer releases a new product, the first question is bound to be, “Does this work with the old versions?”. Matt Herman from ESU/LokSound LLC addresses those questions as they relate to their new LokSound 5 DCC decoders.

Act IV: Building an animated gate scene ...

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Dear Matt,

"EQ on Loksound"? 

A Million times YESS!!!!!!

That Lok has _not_ had EQ is a crying shame,
that it's taken sooo long for to even be considered by ESU as a possible feature doubly-soo!

Happy Modelling,
Aim to get EQ onboard ASAP (Please ;-)  ),
Prof Klyzlr

My comment from the first video in this series stands - EQ would be most helpful and one more reason to take ESU over others.

OMG! YES!! Please Please Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!