2016-12.4: Jim EuDaly’s Chesapeake & Ohio

23 Dec 2016

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17:37 - Dec 2016 Act IV - Jim EuDaly’s C&O Hinton Division (2016)

On Jim Eudaly’s model railroad, coal is “king”.  Plus Jim has built his stunning layout in what’s often called “The king of scales”.  Join us for a royal tour of the Hinton Division of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.

Bonus: Modeling with Patterned Sheets ...

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Great layout, love the steam locomotives and coal hauling railroading.

Leonard Lee Davis

Would love to see a Live Ops video of this layout. Very cool indeed!


I whole-heartedly agree with pirosko. A Live Ops session and soon, please.



As a dispatcher, I love the CTC nmachine.  Awesome railroad!


What a monumental and impressive layout....well done sir!

I had the pleasure of visiting and operating on Jim's layout in 2003.  It is spectacular and nothing matches watching and hearing the slack run in as a train of 40 hoppers comes of the crest of a grade and starts to descend.

Mr. Jim,  thank you for the tour and history of your layout.  Like the traffic control panel and hope we can see some of you work on the workbench with your 4-8-4 kit.                Thanks again,

Hector Gill

I grew up with the C&O Allegheny at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI being the largest piece of rail equipment I'd ever seen. How awesome to see them "brought back to life" on such a well executed layout!

Mike in CO