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14 Apr 2019


Over the shoulder of experts

One thing TrainMasters TV does quite well is let you look over the shoulder of some of the most savvy modelers in the hobby. In effect, you get to ease-drop on some of the best techniques in the hobby through our vast video library.

Here are a dozen of the best how-to videos on TMTV. Several of these videos get a high rating -- and some even got a perfect 5 out of 5!

25 Aug 2017


TEST DRIVE TMTV with these FREE videos!

Did you know TrainMasters TV has many hours of totally free videos you can watch?

These videos will give you a good idea of what TMTV is like and a chance to sample our network-TV quality production values. Just click the video thumbnail to watch any of these free samples!

10 Nov 2016


A 3D printer in your workshop?

Model railway enthusiasts are generally open to embracing new technologies. We’re early adopters, and this is generally a good thing. Sometimes, however, our enthusiasm for technologies that are still in beta-testing means we assess – and reject – tools and techniques early in their life cycle. Our first impression then informs our opinion of the technology, even as it matures and gets better.

Such is the case with 3D Printing.

02 Nov 2015


Getting Fired Up!

At TrainMasters TV, we believe all railroading is interesting – and we’re keen to share the many ways that people enjoy this hobby. In this new series –Fired Up! – we explore one of these many “hobbies within the hobby”, garden-scale live steam.

Notch 8: The joy of building

Two things recently reminded me of the joy of building things in this hobby.

The first was a shooting day at the TrainMasters TV studios in which we launched a new series. “Notch 8” is all about sharing tips and techniques for detailing, weathering and finishing locomotives and rolling stock.

20 Aug 2015


End of the Line and Moving On

In a previous post prompted by re-watching “End of the Line” in the March, 2014 edition of TrainMasters TV, I wrote about Creeping Normality and how failing to keep on top of maintenance can lead to the decision to tear down a layout.

24 Jul 2015


End of the Line and “Creeping Normality”

Recently, I re-watched “End of the Line” in the March, 2014 edition of TrainMasters TV. As the title implies, it’s about dismantling a layout – or, more specifically, three of them.

In the Backshop with Don Railton

In late March, Barry and I covered the 2015 Finescale Model Railroader Expo in Scranton PA in a two-part report for TrainMasters TV. (Follow the links below to watch those reports.)

The Expo featured a contest room, where dozens of incredible models were on display. We were impressed by the quality of almost every exhibits – in fact, we joked that we would have to go home and burn our structures, because we weren’t worthy. But one in particular stood out for me:


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