Watch TMTV on your big screen TV

15 Jun 2015


While it's been possible to watch TMTV on your big screen TV for a while, but from the questions we get about it, it's clear some don't know how to do it.

That means they're watching TMTV from their computer - how painful! Or if you're mobile savvy, then you know how to watch TMTV from your tablet or phone - but still!

How about watching TMTV on your big screen TV, so everyone can enjoy it!

Well, it's not that hard to do, thanks to Google's $35 Chromecast device. Or if you happen to have a Roku or an Apple TV, we show you how to do that as well.

Just go here: 


By getting TMTV up on the big TV screen, you can more easily share these videos with the whole family. Our goal all along has been to make these videos in such a way that even non-modelers would enjoy them and find them entertaining. In fact, one of the comments we received from a member shows this very thing ...

I signed up for one year just to see how it would work out. It is well produced and entertaining even to the fringe victims of our hobby. I can take the videos and show people what I intend to do and they no longer shake their heads and roll their eyes. They can actually see that the basement will become a model railroad. I think being able to show the videos to potential railroaders is something I never anticipated as a sales tactic ...

Pete VanderLaan

Back to getting TMTV onto your big screen TV using Chromecast, it might be fun to get Lionel into the studio and show him how to play TMTV videos from a device on a big screen with Chromecast ... if we can teach Lionel to do it, then we can teach anybody!

-- Joe Fugate


I haven't been able to do it so far.  I have a Roku3 and win 8.1, but I can't add the Roku3 to the system.  I'll keep watching on my computer.

Bought a Chromecast , too much lag my internet is 100mbs download 10mbs up so not sure of the problem . Reverted back to watching it on my Puter.

I am going to trythis with my Amazon Fire TV.  Has anyone else done this?

Hey guys,

  I was not sure i could do this at first but i tried and it worked fine.  If you have a SmartTV, in other words it allows you to connect to the internet via the TV, you can easily watch TMTV.  All you have to do is use the Alternate Player.

  The issue is mainly because TV's and BlueRay's do not support Flashplayer, and rightly so, its a security nightmare.

So you don't have a smart TV, maybe you have a "smart" BlueRay or DVD player.  You can do the same thing via those 2 devices as long as you use the Alternate Player.

Hope this helps someone...My wife and i both enjoy watching TMTV on our 60" 4K.  One in particular we like to rewatch on occasion is the visit to the Franklin and South Manchester of George fantastic on a large screen.