Submitting to MyLayout

21 Dec 2013


One of the segments you'll see on TrainMastersTV is called MyLayout.  Our host, Jim Wright, will present video that MRH readers have shot of themselves and their railroads.  Our first MyLayout segment will appear in late-December, and features modeling by Gail and Greg Whayman.

If you would like to be featured in the MyLayout segment, here's what you have to do:

  1. Get ahold of a video camera.  Just about any camera will do, but one that shoots high-definition with good audio is preferred.
  2. Put the camera on a tripod so the shots are steady.  Use lots of light so the image is vibrant and well-focused.
  3. Position yourself in front of the camera with your layout somewhere in the shot and tell us a bit about it, what you're working on now, unique techniques you are using, etc.  Five to seven minutes is plenty.  You can split it up into two-minute chunks and change your camera position in between.  Make sure the microphone picks up your voice clearly.  Don't worry too much about how well-spoken you are.  If you complete step #4 below, we will easily be able to take out any "ums" and "ahs".  You can even have a friend ask you questions about your layout, and answer to the camera.
  4. With the camera still on the tripod, and using lots of light, shoot some of your layout for us.  Trains running by.  Detailed scenes.  Areas you are still working on.  Maybe yourself working on those areas.  The more you show us the better.  The segment that Gail and Greg did had about  40 different shots, 10-20 seconds in length each and that was just right.
  5. We do all the editing.  Transfer the raw video from the camera to your computer and make a Quicktime or MP4 movie using H.264 compression at about 60-70% quality.   We will send coordinates where you can upload it.  If you don't have the capability to prepare the video for uploading, or if you think that your internet connection is too slow, you can just send us the file card/videotape/DVD and we will digitize the footage and send your media back to you.

If you are interested in being a part of MyLayout, or have any questions, feel free to drop me a note at


Subscribed at the end of December and just completed viewing all of the posted videos.  I am very pleased that I subscribed, the offerings are excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Siskiyou Line videos despite their age.

I have been highly recommending TMTV to friends.

I would love to see video on expert weathering of steam engines.