About Us

Welcome to TrainMasters TV, where our passion is model railroading and helping you do the hobby well!

TrainMasters is a web video subscription service brought to you by Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine (mrhmag.com). You'll find dozens of hours of entertaining and informative videos to help improve your modeling skills and to build a better layout. You'll find we're adding new content as often as weekly, so visit often!

And it all comes to you for less than the price of a sandwich, each and every month!

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You have multiple choices of video resources you can tap for model railroading, so how is TrainMasters TV different?

We don't give you a fish, we teach you to fish

We take you to new levels of understanding and innovation in the hobby, not just give you well-worn answers on the same old beginner topics. Instead of showing you a few simple methods to mimic, we teach you how to think and model like an expert. You get to apprentice with a broad array of hobby experts we bring on camera, furthering your own hobby journey toward becoming a better modeler.

We're about the hobby at-large, not just an MRH marketing tool

We do not subject you to a constant barrage of MRH marketing messages in our videos - in fact you will find the MRH staff aren't even on camera that much. TrainMasters is not the "MRH show" but rather a refreshing fountain of knowledge and expertise from the movers and shakers in the hobby. Since TrainMasters is not ad-funded, it has no in-your-face ads or blatant hobby vendor infomercials. TrainMasters is about giving you real answers, not marketing hype.

It's the HOBBYIST that makes the hobby fun, not just the models

Models don't have fun, it's the modelers who have the fun! Model Railroad Hobbyist has always been about the hobbyists and how they do the hobby well - and TrainMasters is no different. One of model railroading's unique appeals is that train models do interesting things and they MOVE. As a video medium, we show you the models in action, and we help you get inside the hobbyist to see what makes them tick. TrainMasters TV aims to make the hobby more entertaining, more fun, and ultimately, more satisfying.

We do professional, network-quality video production

TrainMasters TV goes all-out to produce the best quality high definition video and audio possible. Our Executive Producer, Barry Silverthorn, has a background in network and public television production and he works to make our videos look and sound like what you'd expect from the pros. We have professional studio sets as well as go on-location, and we take advantage of multiple cameras and the best camera angles to make sure you don't miss any of the action. You will clearly see the difference - TrainMasters is not just YouTube on steroids.

Meet the team

Trevor Marshall - TrainMasters TV host

Trevor Marshall


Trevor Marshall is a lifelong model railway enthusiast, currently building an S scale model railway, documenting his progress on his Port Rowan in 1:64 blog. Trevor is interested in all aspects of the hobby and has built models and layouts in several scales and gauges. Trevor created, produced, and co-hosted The Model Railway Show, a podcast about the hobby (currently on hiatus). Trevor has been a host on TrainMasters TV since 2014. Trevor and his wife live in Toronto with three Border Collies.
Rick Green, TrainMasters TV host

Rick Green


Rick Green is an award winning producer, director, writer and comedic performer who has been involved in hundreds of innovative television, radio and stage shows including: History Bites, The Red Green Show, Prisoners of Gravity and The Frantics. Rick is the founder of Totally ADD, a website that supports those living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Rick produced the one-hour documentary ADD and Loving It?! in 2009. Rick is always learning something new about modelling.  He builds in both HO and O scale, with structures and scenery being two of his favorite aspects of the hobby.

Miles Hale

Contributing Producer

Miles has been an NMRA Master Model Railroader for 24 years!   He was the research and design modelmaker for Design Preservation Models, Kadee/MicroTrains, Woodland Scenics, InterMountain, and New London Industries.    Over 50 of his articles have appeared in the hobby press, and many of them are how-to articles with new techniques presented for the first time.  He has built dozens of custom model railroads for clients, in every scale from z to 1:8 live steam.

Lionel Strang


Lionel is best known as the builder of the Allegheny and Lackawanna Southern, a 20’ X 30’ HO Scale layout. Lionel also built two project railroads for Model Railroader Magazine: the Northwest Timber Company and the Appalachian Central. Lionel wrote the monthly column Workin’ on the Railroad for MR from July 1998 until May 2005, then continued to serve as a contributing editor for another six years after that.

Jim Wright

Host, MyLayout

Jim is a graduate of Toronto's Ryerson University Radio and Television Arts program and currently he is studying advertising at Durham college.  His first layout was built with equipment handed down from his grandfather. Jim has the honour and distinction of having been the summer operator of the train ride on Toronto's Centre Island.

Barry Silverthorn

Executive Producer

Working in TV production since 1988, Barry began as an assistant editor for Canadian programs such as Night Heat, Katts and Dog, and Wonderstruck.  In 2004 he produced, shot and edited The End of Suburbia, which sold over 40,000 DVDs and aired on TV networks worldwide. Barry got his start in the hobby at age four and has built models in N, HO, S and O-scales plus operated a model train shop. Barry has had articles published in Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman and Canadian Railway Modeller magazine. His S scale structure kits received a National Association of S-Gaugers award for Manufacturer of the Year in 2010.

Ken Goslett

Host, Ken's Roundhouse

Ken is a retired auto mechanics teacher who knows diesel locomotives inside and out.  He has written articles for Railroad Model Craftsman and is an accomplished railroad photographer.

Clark Kooning

TMTV Host, emeritus

Clark is an NMRA Master Model Railroader and is the current NMRA Canada Vice-President. He served several years as the NMRA Canada director on the NMRA board. He started the NMRA program called Modeling with the Masters which is a hands-on building series where students learn modeling skills from NMRA Master Model Railroaders. Clark also puts on a clinic program for his local train shop called Credit Valley Railway Company in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. In addition to this he is a regular on the Model Rail Radio podcast. In real life, Clark is a retired Paramedic with almost 32 years of experience. Clark served as a host on TMTV during its first season.